Port Road Drainage Upgrade
Stormwater upgrades to reduce flooding in one of Adelaide’s busiest road corridors.


In heavy rains, both Port and Woodville Roads in Adelaide’s western suburbs are prone to flooding. In a 1 in 100 year rainfall event, these major roads experience knee-deep water, making them unusable and impacting on access to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, almost 4,000 homes and a number of local businesses.

The Port Road Drainage Upgrade mitigates this flood risk by replacing the existing trunk mains in the Port Road central median with two parallel trunk mains between Old Port Road in Cheltenham and Park Street South in Woodville.


The project includes the following works:

  • Replacement of the existing trunk main with two parallel stormwater pipes—900 m of 1650 mm diameter and 1.7 km of 1500 mm diameter. The new pipes are buried deeper than the existing trunk main which is being removed
  • Installation of an irrigation pipeline carrying recycled water along the same alignment as the trunk main
  • Replacement of all side entry pits (SEPs) along the median and their associated laterals that connect them to the trunk main
  • Reconstruction of existing car parks
  • Identification and location of buried services along the alignment including relocation where required.


Leed is currently delivering these works which are scheduled for completion in late 2018.

The project involves significant works in a busy transport corridor. Leed is carefully managing the impact upon road users, local residents and businesses through careful planning and staging of works, including a combination of weekend and night work.

The project is proceeding on time and budget, with an outstanding safety record.

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