Glenelg to Adelaide Parklands (GAP) Recycled Water Project
SA Government’s first project delivered using an Alliance delivery model

This outstanding project has been recognised with an Engineering Excellence Award, a CCF Earth Award and an Australian Water Industry Award.


This landmark state and federal government funded project provides a long-term solution to treat and supply recycled water from the Glenelg Wastewater Treatment to the Adelaide CBD and parklands. The recycled water is used to irrigate over 163 hectares of parklands and provide water to businesses. This was the South Australian Government’s first project delivered using an Alliance delivery model.


The project involved the design and construction of:

  • a Tertiary Treatment Plant at Glenelg to provide more than 3.8 GL litres of potable water annually
  • three major pump stations, chlorine dosing plant, amiad filters, UF/UV building, two 7.5 ML and two 4 ML lined and covered storage ponds
  • complete mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure comprising electrical installation, electrical control panels and switchboards, instrumentation, system integration and SCADA
  • 50 km of pipe network comprising 10 km of GRP trunk main and 40 km of GRP, PVC and HDPE distribution pipe from Glenelg to the Adelaide parklands and CBD


Using an Alliance model which aligned project values and goals, Leed developed a cooperative, non-adversarial team culture. SA Water personnel were fully integrated into the team, and ‘best-for-project decisions’ were made for the management of key aspects of the project. For example the construction delivery manager was an SA Water employee.

The project works were very close to residents, businesses, traffic and parkland users and drew a high level of community interest. Through extensive pre-planning and community and stakeholder consultation prior to construction there were no disruptions to construction or impact on the program.

Leed played a key role in stakeholder management. We undertook extensive consultation with interest groups and ensured all construction activities met monitoring protocols in areas of Aboriginal heritage or environmental significance. Leed also worked closely with regulatory stakeholders including five local councils and utilities providers.

Leed were able to accelerate the start of the project by working with SA Water and the Alliance partners to undertake approvals in parallel with design development. Pipe laying crews also worked concurrently to ensure the program was delivered on time.


The Alliance partners, suppliers & subcontractors were aligned to successfully deliver the project on-time and on-budget.

Effective consultation and stakeholder management ensured buy-in and minimal disruption and complaints during construction.


South Australian Engineering Excellence Awards

2010 Excellence Award for Infrastructure Projects

SA Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards

2010 Category Four Winner (project value between $20m and $75m)

Australian Institute of Project Management Awards

2010 Achievement Award for Construction/Engineering less than $100m (South Australia Winner)

Australian Water Industry Awards (SA)

2010 High Commendation

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