The Leed family includes a diverse range of people unified by commonly held values and by their commitment to delivering quality outcomes.

Employing great people and looking after them is a key part of how we do business. We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace, continual training and career development opportunities, and an inclusive and supportive culture.

We employ skilled professionals including:

  • Engineering professionals, including undergraduates and recent graduates
  • Trades and Construction Workers
  • Business acquisition professionals, including estimators and proposals specialists
  • Business support professionals, including experts in safety, quality management, environmental management, information technology and business administration
  • Administrative staff.

We are always seeking talented, skilled and enthusiastic people to join our team. If you are looking for a role with Leed, please send your CV and a cover letter to

"Having started as a Graduate and learning from the ground up, I have had an exciting and diverse career with Leed. I have been privileged to learn from talented and enthusiastic people, who take pride in what they do and are happy to share their knowledge. Now as a Project Manager myself, I have worked on many projects throughout Australia gaining experience in a wide range of design and construct fields, that I can now share with the next generations of Graduates."

—Ryan, Project Manager