South East Flows Restoration Project
Over 3 million cubic metres of earthworks and 60 concrete structures


Leed is currently engaged on the South East Flows Restoration Project, designed to better manage salinity in the Coorong South Lagoon, enhance flows to wetlands in the Upper South East and reduce drainage outflow at Kingston Beach. The project is jointly funded by the Government of South Australia and the Federal Government.


This complex project involves:

  • 83 km of open channel construction and modification, requiring more than 3 million cubic metres of earthworks.
  • 60 precast concrete flow regulation structures and diversion structures including penstocks, lay flat gates and stoplogs
  • drainage and erosion protection
  • access road embankment earthworks
  • temporary and permanent pavement upgrades to existing tracks
  • vegetation clearance
  • fencing, gates and guardrails
  • power supply and electrical works
  • service relocations
  • extensive land owner and stakeholder engagement.


Having previously constructed more than 450 km of drains and floodways in the South East of South Australia, Leed's experience in the required works is second to none. We understand the climactic conditions and ground conditions and the influence of changing groundwater levels on the ground conditions. We also have strong, pre-existing relationships with local land owners and stakeholders.

This project commenced in March 2017 and is proceeding well towards completion in early 2019.

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