Port Wakefield Water Supply Upgrade
Leed's trencher enabled rapid laying of pipe along the road verge


This Design & Construct project provided a new water main from the Upper Wakefield Storage to Port Wakefield in anticipation of growth of industrial farming (primarily poultry farming), residential growth and mining activities on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula.

The project was financed with the assistance of a secure grant of up to $10 million through the Regional Development Australia Fund. The remaining funding came from the State Government and SA Water.


The works involved:

  • 43.5 km of 375 mm PN35 GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) pipe, between Port Wakefield and Auburn via Balaklava in road verge/shoulder
  • 2 railway crossings
  • 1 bridge crossing
  • 3 PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) stations
  • associated air, scour, isolation and gate valves
  • magnetic flowmeters
  • electrical works.


The concept design was based on the use of DICL (Ductile Iron Cement Lined) pipe, for which Leed submitted a compliant bid. However, we also submitted an alternative proposal based on GRP pipe, which provided a more cost effective solution that was ultimately chosen by SA Water.

Leed's Vermeer trencher allowed us to lay pipe much more quickly along the road verge than would have been possible using conventional excavating.

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