Warooka and Point Turton Water Supply Upgrade
Providing reliable water supply to the townships of Warooka and Point Turton


Since 1962 the Warooka and Point Turton water supply, which services approximately 1,500 current customers, had been solely sourced from bore water from the Para-Wurlie basin in the south of Yorke Peninsula.

In recent years the yield and quality of the groundwater had both declined, leading to concerns about future supply as well as the adverse environmental impact induced by withdrawing more water from the basin. As a result SA Water decided to provide a new source of water for the townships.

This project provides a new, reliable and long-term water supply to the area by connecting the Warooka and Point Turton water supply to the River Murray via the Upper Paskeville System at Minlacowie Tank.


The project scope included:

  • 38 km of 250 mm diameter uPVC transfer main from Minlacowie Tank to Warooka Tank
  • a booster pump station with pump duty of 15 L/s at 17 m head
  • 3 km of 150 mm diameter and 0.3 km of 100 mm diameter water main at Point Turton to service future development at Point Turton
  • 3 km of 200 mm diameter pipe replacement of the existing water main from the Warooka Tank outlet valve to the first branch east along White Hut Road
  • roof replacement at the existing Warooka Tank site
  • chlorination facilities at Minlacowie Tank
  • electrical, instrumentation and controls
  • a temporary tank facility at Warooka Tank during re-roofing works
  • pipework cross connections.

Key features

This project was delivered using Leed’s Vermeer trencher, which allowed us to lay pipe much more quickly than conventional excavating techniques.


Leed completed this project in November 2018, on time and budget, with no lost time injuries.

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