Techport Waste Water Pump Station Relocation
Relocation of a waste water pump station to allow further expansion of Australian Naval Infrastructure’s submarine and ship-building operations


The Government of South Australia has sold an area of land in Osborne in Adelaide’s north-western suburbs to the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Naval Infrastructure, as part of the redevelopment of the area for submarine and ship-building.

This sale required the relocation of a Waste Water Pump Station situated on the land which has been sold.


The project included the following works:

  • a new submersible precast pump station with a capacity 40 L/s at a depth of 6 m
  • connecting gravity and rising mains to accommodate flows to and from the new pump station
  • sheet piling to a depth of 8 m
  • above ground valves
  • a knobbed polyethelene (PE) liner to reduce the risk of concrete degradation.

Key features

The issue of the proximity of groundwater to the surface was mitigated by using spears, manifolds and a positive displacement pump.

Leed also undertook extensive geotechnical investigation to ensure that the project site was not affected by contamination.


Working closely with SA Water and our electrical subcontractor Leed was able to deliver this critical project within a very tight timeframe, and with an unblemished safety record.

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