North South Interconnection Systems Project (NSISP)—Eastern Pipeline
The NSISP secured Adelaide’s future water supply through joining the existing northern and southern water supply networks.


The North South Interconnection System Project (NSISP) was an upgrade to Adelaide’s metropolitan distribution network which involved joining the existing northern and southern water supply networks. Leed was awarded 3 of the 5 major components of the project.

The Eastern Pipeline component consisted of approximately 12.6 km of mild steel welded pipe, valves and fittings through various eastern and southern suburbs of Adelaide.


The works included:

  • 8 km of DN1000 from Clapham to Springfield, Stonyfell to Wattle Park
  • 8 km of DN800 from Springfield to Stonyfell (to act as a twin pipe system with the existing high level trunk main), Grand Junction Rd to Terminal Storage
  • relocation of 0.4 km of DN200 uPVC water main on Glynburn Rd
  • design and construction of seven sections of pipeline that ranged from 40 m to 600 m in length, located at Belair Rd, Old Belair Rd, Waite Campus, South Eastern Freeway, Greenhill Rd, the approach to the Wattle Park Storage and First Creek
  • commissioning and progressive handover to SA Water.

Key features

  • Leed was responsible for stakeholder and community engagement. We engaged with the stakeholders very early in the project, building consultation into the design process and ensuring the local community was involved in decision making
  • The commitments made to the community during the planning and design phases were implemented during the construction phase
  • Value adds to improve the local environment were included during the design stage of the project.


With a large number of project sites across the metropolitan area, the project created a number of challenges. Through careful planning, tight coordination of construction activity and extensive community and stakeholder communication, our team was able to deliver the project with minimal community impact and excellent safety.

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