Hargrave Street Pump Station
Reducing the frequency and severity of flooding


The Hargrave Street Stormwater Upgrade consists of a series of projects aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of flooding issues which have been a historical problem in the area. The new Hargrave Street Pump Station is a major component of the upgrades, and aims to collect stormwater and discharge it into the Port River.


The project included detailed design, all civil, mechanical and electrical components associated with the stormwater pumping station and rising main system, including:

  • diesel generators and associated acoustic attenuation system, footings and housing
  • 5 stormwater pumps (2 x 200 L/s (60 kW), 3 x 860 L/s (160 kW)), pedestals, guide rails and chains
  • level devices, floats and supports
  • trash rack screens, lifting frames and associated equipment
  • electrical and instrumentation
  • electrical control and switchboard buildings
  • deluge shower and eye wash, fire hose and handrails
  • commissioning
  • demolition and removal of redundant drainage infrastructure
  • reinstatement of all pavements, footpaths and fences
  • concrete stormwater drainage works in Hargraves Street and Victoria Road
  • operation and maintenance for two years.


This was a complex, multi-disciplinary engineering project and the design needed to address extremely challenging site constraints imposed by available land area, close proximity to neighbouring houses, ground conditions and existing infrastructure.


Some particularly innovative design and project delivery approaches used for this project include:

  • design of an interlocking secant pile wall structure to enable construction within such a confined area without the use of sheet-piling which would risk vibration damage to neighbouring houses
  • utilisation of 3-dimensional modelling software for the design of the pump station, which ensures the various complex elements of the design fit together as intended
  • using a combination of mains power and on-site diesel generation to power the pump station in order to minimise long term cost.

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