Byron Bay Water Storage
Two new precast concrete reservoirs meeting the growing water needs of Byron Shire residents and businesses


To meet the growing water requirements of residents and businesses in Byron Shire in regional New South Wales, Leed has constructed two new concrete reservoirs at Coopers Creek and Bangalow for Byron Shire Council to operate alongside existing assets.


The project involved the detailed design, construction and commissioning of a new 10 ML (33 m diameter x 13 m high) post-tensioned precast concrete reservoir adjacent to the existing 2.5 ML Coopers Shoot Water Supply Reservoir and a new 1.35 ML (20 m diameter x 5 m high) reinforced concrete reservoir adjacent to the existing 0.9 ML Bangalow Water Supply Reservoir.

The scope of works included:

  • bulk and detailed excavation and foundation works
  • aluminium roofs, stainless steel stairs and ladders    
  • DICL pipework cutovers
  • flow meters and scour drains
  • a chlorine dosing facility
  • electrical, instrumentation and control systems
  • access roads, kerbs and channelling, concrete pathways, pits, access chambers, landscaping, buildings, lighting and stormwater drainage
  • as-constructed drawings and commissioning


The precast panels were cast on site, reducing transport and handling costs. The panels were stacked and stored under marquees to protect them from heat and inclement weather while curing.

The concrete slab and the precast panels were cast concurrently to reduce the duration of the project, which was delivered on time, within budget and with no lost time injuries.

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